About Us

We, as Superior Scrubs on Wheels, hope to provide superior uniforms at an affordable cost to any nurse, doctor, health-care professional or individual interested in purchasing our products. Superior Scrubs on Wheels is also affiliated with Superior Scrubs & More and is an unregistered trademark within the Inland Empire, California.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Superior Scrubs better than other Nursing Uniform Retailers? Here we care about providing the best quality uniforms matched with the best prices we can provide for you when compared with our other competitors!

Can I order uniforms online?

Yes, just select the products tab and choose what you like based on the color and/or size, then add it to the cart.

How many different ways can I order your products?

You can either purchase your selections online, contact us via phone, email us with a list of what you would like to order or visit our shop to see what products we have available in stock.

What other products, other than scrubs, do you sell?

We also sell stethoscopes and nursing/designer footwear.